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For the first time in Jordan and the Middle East
HANANIA Energy project implemented centralized heating solar-powered under the patronage of former Prime Minister Dr Abdullah Ensour the Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organization and charitable school property - Bahrain inaugurated the school for girls in the city of Irbid on Wednesday 07/10/2015. This is the first school in Jordan and the Middle East that are heated solar project and by using solar collectors air by the architect George Imad Hanania designed and manufactured in the company's factories and supervised the installation and operation.

Lebanese House Restaurant (Um Khalil)

The 171KWp PV System utilizing just over 500 Mono-crystalline solar PV panels with a power of 340Wp each is mounted in two separate areas; 98KWp of the system capacity is erected above the main restaurant parking area offering a sun and rain shelter to visitors’ automobiles throughout the day,while the rest of the system is built in an open area behind the restaurant, this same area beneath the PV system is intended to be turned into a storeroom in the future. The whole system generating 280MWhr annually is estimated to cover around 90% of their electricity consumption.

Signature of the agreements with 14 local associations in various areas of the province to begin installing a solar heater for the citizens and the support from the Fund by 50%. This national strategic project now covers all the governorates of the Kingdom, and implementation began in all the provinces.


The Arab Islamic Bank signed a cooperation agreement with HANANIA Energy with the aim to install solar heaters to individual customers for up to 24 months. The agreement was signed on behalf of the Bank's General Manager Mr. Iyad Asali and HANANIA Energy General Manager Mr. George Hanania.  Mr. Asali said that this product was complemented by solutions for renewable energy and energy efficiency launched by the bank recently and directed to customers, companies and individuals with a view to the environment and to reduce the economic impact resulting from the energy cost with individuals and the community to protect noting the role of HANANIA Energy as one of the leading players in the field of solar energy companies in the Kingdom. Mr. George Hanania expressed his gratitude to sign this agreement with one of the most important Islamic banks operating in the Kingdom and we are all trying to increase the spread of solar water heaters because of its positive effects on the environment and national economy. It is worth mentioning that Hanania Solar is engaged in the solar industry since 1973. It got a number of Arab and international awards and certificates of ISO 1400: 2004.9001 2008: The design and manufacture of solar collectors that run on hot air for the purposes of the central heating was Bahraini school heating in Irbid to be the first school in Jordan that is solar heated in addition to the company designed and implemented numerous projects in the field of solar energy to produce electricity and heating swimming pools and water heating.

Installation of BIPV System - Al Balqa' University


Solar Water Heaters

Hanania Energy wins a tender to manufacture, supply and install 20 thousand Solar Water Heaters to citizens throughout the Kingdom with a 50% grant from the Jordan Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Fund/Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

لأول مرة في الأردن صندوق تشجيع الطاقة المتجددة وترشيد الطاقة / وزارة الطاقة والثروة المعدنية يدعم المواطن بِ 50% من ثمن السخان الشمسي. إدفع 250 دينار فقط واحصل على السخان الشمسي حنانيا حنانيا للطاقة تفوز بعطاء تصميم وتوريد وتركيب (20000) عشرون الف سخان شمسي في كافة محافظات المملكة. يتكون السخان الشمسي من لواقط شمسية مسطحة عدد (3) وخزان الماء الساخن سعة (180) لتر وخزان الماء البارد سعة (1) متر مكعب بالإضافة إلى القاعدة العامة.