Letter from the G.M

Letter from the General Manager  

Ideal Solar Energy Co. Ltd. is the owner of the Trade Name (HANANIA SOLAR SYSTEMS), Trade Mark (HANANIA) and Trade Mark (HANANIA ENERGY), a family-owned company founded in 1973. The company manufactures and markets different types of solar thermal and solar PV systems.

Our products have won a number of international awards; their efficiency and durability set them ahead of all other products in the market. Our strategy has always been the building of its reputation for product quality and service.

For 37 years now, our solar systems are still working efficiently & effectively. We remain our position by offering customers unsurpassed value. Over the past years, we have undertaken major solar housing projects for the public and private sector in Jordan and abroad, in addition to, numerous residential, industrial and commercial customized solar utilizations.

Our engineers, manufacturing personnel and commercial engineer designers are highly qualified individuals who are dedicated to provide the best, most advanced, solar heating products possible. Most of our staff has been with the company since its inception.

We provide many concerns including safety, durability, reliability, installation, performance, operation and maintenance. Our ultimate peace of mind warranty is the longest and most comprehensive in the industry. We provide references.


George Hanania

General Manager






Building close customer relationships has been part of the Hanania culture for more than 30 years. We invite you to share your own experiences and interact with us on a personal level. Follow us for the latest product information and special offers.

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