Why do I need a site visit?

On a solar site visit, we conduct the following assessments:

o    A brief interview with you to understand your solar needs
o    A physical inspection of the solar site to see if it is suitable for solar.

With the interview, we will be primarily looking to see what your diesel and/or electricity use has been over the past year or two, particularly during the summer and winter months when diesel or electricity use is typically the heaviest. So it is important that you have between 12-24 of your past monthly bills on hand. Based on the size of your diesel or electric bill, we can determine what your options are in terms of potential sized solar systems and how much of your diesel and/or electric bill you want to offset. This information is important for us as it will form the basis for our formal bid to you. Depending.

The other component of the solar site visit is the inspection of the site’s roof for mounting of the solar panels. Specifically, we will be checking the roof's orientation and solar access. Roof orientation refers to the direction the roof faces – a roof that faces directly south is the best with some margin of error for roofs facing to the southwest or southeast. The other variable we will be looking at is solar access. Solar access is essentially the percentage of time that a proposed solar system will be receiving full un-shaded sunlight during different days of the year. A roof with too much shade will not be a candidate for a solar system, although there are a few ways to address shading: looking at alternate sites on the site property.

In the end, we will take in all of this information and summarize our findings in a written report that will be used to help calculate the economics related to your proposed site solar system. This will then become the basis for our bid to you for a solar system.

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