Why Flat-Plate

Hanania incorporates advanced and revolutionary technology into our solar heating systems that makes them more efficient and reliable than any other system in the region. Our proprietary Flat-Plate collector panels (the portion of the system that collects the sun’s heat and transfers to the water).

Flat Panel Technology for solar Hot Water Systems

Today, we maintain our leadership and pioneer position in providing the highest efficient, longest-life span and most cost-effective system. We carry many capacities of this clean energy and environmentally friendly solar water heating system that is suitable for a variety of projects, including industrial, housing, hospitality and hospitals.

Flat panels have been around for over 100 years and are perfectly designed for all climates including the Middle East & the Mediterranean Region.

Flat Plate collectors are the most used technology for solar hot water system globally; for instance, there were over 4 million square meters of new Flat Plate installations throughout the European Union in 2008, versus only 442,000 square meters of evacuated tubes over the same period (according to the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation, 2009).

Hanania’s® high quality flat panel system will reduce your hot water heating costs every day for over 20 years.

Jordan Code Requirements and Mandatory Technical Specifications for Solar Hot Water Systems

Issued By the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources along with the National Energy Research Center and approved by the Jordan Meteorology Department according to the provisions of article (10) of the Bylaw on Regulating Procedures and Means of Conserving Energy and Improving Its Efficiency No. (73) For year 2012 which is Issued by virtue of Article (18) of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law No. (13) for year 2012.

They recommend strongly the use of local manufactured Solar Flat Plate Collectors for solar domestic hot water heating. They also recommend Not using Evacuated Tube Collectors for solar domestic hot water heating.

Amman Chamber of Industry

Proposed Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund

According to the Amman Chamber of Industry Project for funding solar systems and preparations for conserving energy and water, the Chamber is requesting proposal based on Flat Plate Collectors Only while proposals based on Evacuated Tube Collectors are NOT accepted.

Department of Statistics (DOS)

The department of Statistics in Jordan has surveyed a vast number of residences in Jordan and came up with the following:

The barrier factor for installation and distribution of hot water solar systems in Jordan is the accessibility of bad quality (imported Chinese) solar systems that are currently being vastly distributed in the local market and installed for a low cost which later resulted in fast damage and wreckage and proved the bad choice taken to purchase these systems.

Published on 16 Feb 2010 – Arab Daily Newspaper

Jordan Renewable Energy Society (JRES)

The organization received many complaints against the imported evacuated tube solar systems, and after being tested these type of systems are of bad quality with respect to the diameter thickness of the tubes used in addition to being not suitable for Jordan weather climate in the summer and winter seasons which lasted in fast outburst and breakage of these tubes not forgetting the high cost of sale price which is quadruple the net price in the country of origin.

And it is clear from the practical experience in the local solar system industry which started in the 70’s, the Flat Plate solar systems are the best choice for households.

Published on 7 October 2012 – Alrai Newspaper

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