Solar Hot Water Systems leverage the sun’s free renewable energy to heat a solar collector that transfers the sun’s heat to the water, the solar heated water is then stored in a hot water tank for future use. This cycle will repeat as long as there is heat to be transferred from the collector to the water. During times when there is little sun, a back-up heating system is used to ensure the desired water temperature. However, with over 300 days of sunshine in the Middle East, solar hot water systems require minimal back-up energy, as the climate is ideal to leverage sun’s free energy with reliance on expensive diesel fuel, gas or electricity.

A hot water solar system is a long-time investment that will save money and energy for many years. Hanania’ green energy systems will provide insurance against energy price increases, help reduce dependence on foreign oil and with an average lifespan of over 20 years are an investment for the future. 

5 Year Warranty and Included Service

20+ Year Average Lifespan

Superior Quality

High Performance

Designed for the Middle Eastern Climate

Installed by Experts

Lifetime Support


Hanania Solar Systems – Your trusted partner for solar hot water technology!



Why Hanania?

Installing a solar hot water system is an investment in the future, but with many solar hot water companies on the market, it can be complicated to separate one system from another. Value, experience, quality materials, proven technology and outstanding customer service make Hanania the smart choice.


Value: Cost is frequently a deciding factor in determining which system to purchase. Bargain-priced systems are attractive at first, but over time, substandard design and materials result in insufficient hot water, significant maintenance and a shortened lifespan.


However, while a high-quality Hanania® system may not always be the least expensive option, given time it will prove to be a more reliable and valuable investment than other options in the market.


Hanania systems perform better, last on average of over 20 years, and require minimal maintenance, which equal a more significant cost savings over the long-term. With 37 years of history, Hanania stands for high quality, performance, dependability and value for the consumer.


Quality & Technology: Hanania products are built with the highest quality materials to ensure high heat transfer, energy production, and overall efficiency and durability. Hanania proprietary hot water systems are manufactured in Jordan with strict quality requirements and all key components are assembled at our factory in Amman. An illustration of our quality and product lifespan, many Hanania products that were produced and installed in the 1970’s are still working efficiently today!


Hanania products have won a number of international awards, and their efficiency and durability set them ahead of all other products in the market. Our strategy has always been the building of its reputation for product quality and service that led to the winning of the Golden Arch of Europe, the American Award for Quality, the Asian Award for Technology, and most recently the 500 Arabia Fast Growth Companies and the Star of Leadership in Quality Award.


Experience: Established in 1973, Hanania is proud to be Jordan’s oldest, most reputable solar system manufacturer and provider. With 37 years of experience, we have continually refined and improved our products, and thereby preserving our reputation as a solar energy leader. 


We retain our position by offering customers unsurpassed value. Over the past years, Hanania has undertaken major solar housing projects for the public and private sector in Jordan and abroad, in addition to, numerous residential, industrial and commercial customized solar utilizations. Our engineers manufacturing personnel and commercial engineer designers are highly qualified individuals who are dedicated to provide the best, most advanced, solar heating products in the industry.


Service & Warranty: Hanania’ s five-year warranty and included service is among the longest and most comprehensive in the industry. Customer satisfaction is as important to Hanania as product’s quality. Consumers are provided lifetime service and support for all Hanania's products.


Building close customer relationships has been part of the Hanania culture for more than 30 years. We invite you to share your own experiences and interact with us on a personal level. Follow us for the latest product information and special offers.

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