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Solar Pool Heating -HCP40

HCP40 the world's first polymeric solar collector.

Hanania polymeric solar collector is suitable for a large range of applications, from heating water for a single house or apartment to heating large quantities of water for hotels and industrial facilities. The unique polymeric composition developed specifically for this product enables it to withstand the most severe weather conditions.
Hanania HCP30 will revolutionize your hot water consumption, protect and preserve the environment, and dramatically reduce your hot water costs.
The prospects of climate change and, eventually, fossil fuel depletion, trigger a growing interest in renewable energies in general and solar energy in particular.
As a result, the Solar Thermal World is fast evolving. Hanania polymeric collector represents a breakthrough in environmental recovery.


Supreme Benefits
Durable - unique polymeric composition developed specially for this product, allows it to withstand the harshest temperatures and perform well under extreme weather conditions
Unique Safety Mechanism - patented venting mechanism protects from overheating, extending the life of the polymeric material
Light Weight - Only 19kg! The collector is easy to carry and install
Plastic Glazing - 200 times better impact resistant than glass



Maintenance Free
Seamless Engineering - our "one piece" panel design eliminates leaks and conserves energy
Smart Product Manufacturing - patented design prevents clogging or pressure build up
Freeze Resistant - Geometric structure and exclusive polymeric material prevent damage from freezing, including temperatures up to minus10 degrees Celsius
Non-Corrosive - This uniquely developed polymeric material prevents lime scale build up. FLARE is suitable for areas with hard water; even sea water may be fed directly into the collector



More efficient - More durable
Green Living and Environment - Heating your water with the ultimate emission-free, cost-free renewable energy source – the Sun
Cost-Efficiency - significantly reducing your electric and heating bills