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Domestic Hot Water

DHW (Pictures, Introduction and technical Specs)- (Serves Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Hospitality projects)

  • Thermosyhonic Systems
  • Forced systems

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Solar Water Heating

Hanania® incorporates advanced and revolutionary technology into our solar heating systems that makes them more efficient and reliable than any other system in the region. Our proprietary Flat-Plate collector panels (the portion of the system that collects the sun's heat and transfers to the water).

Flat Panel Technology for Solar Hot Water Systems

Today, we maintain our leadership and pioneer position in providing the highest efficient, longest-life span and most cost-effective system. We carry capacities of 120 to 350 Liters of this clean energy and environmentally friendly solar water heating system that is suitable for a variety of projects, including industrial, housing, hospitality and hospitals.

Flat Plate Collector (FPC) vs. Evacuated Tubes (ETC): Hanania® flat plate panels are designed for the Middle Eastern climate, unlike evacuated tube systems that are most effective in colder climates with less direct sunlight. FPC's have been around for over 100 years and are perfectly designed for hot, desert climates rich with sunshine; whereas, ETC's are relatively new to the market and most effective in cloudy and overcast climates without much direct sunlight, such as the United Kingdom. FPC's are the most used technology for solar hot water systems globally. For instance, there were over 4 million square meters of new flat plate installations throughout the European Union in 2008, versus only 442,000 square meters of evacuated tubes over the same period (according to the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation, 2009). Furthermore, FPC's are more durable and use a stronger tempered glass to prevent breakage, white ETC's with their many individual tubes, are more susceptible to breakage.

Hanania® high quality flat-plate panel system will reduce your hot water heating costs every day for over 20 years.