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Solar PV Power

Our integrated solar electric technology and products are the most effective and best returns value on your investment in the industry.

A selection of 5 to 180W high efficient solar panels, European Union.

We provide a 20 year warranty on all our PV panels.


Solar panels, electric controllers, batteries, wiring and mount structures.

Road infrastructure systems:

  • Solar Street Lighting
  • Solar Billboard Lighting
  • Solar Signaling Lighting
  • Home Solar PV powered systems

Communication and wireless radio stationsWell and agricultural pumps

Jordan’s oldest, most reputable solar system manufacturer and provider of different types

of solar thermal systems and solar photovoltaic systems. With over 45 years of experience,

the company continually refined and improved its products, and thereby preserving its

reputation as solar energy leader and retain its position by offering customers unsurpassed



Over the past decades, HANANIA Energy has undertaken major solar housing projects for

the public and private sector in Jordan and abroad, in addition to, numerous residential,

industrial and commercial customized solar utilizations. For the last four years alone,

HANANIA Energy has completed more than 35 thousand projects.

HANANIA Energy provides many concerns including safety, durability, reliability, installation,

performance, operation and maintenance. A solar system is a long-time investment that

will save you money and energy for many years. HANANIA Energy systems will provide

insurance against energy price increases, help reduce dependence on foreign oil and are

an investment in everyone’s future.

An ultimate peace of mind warranty is the industry's longest, most comprehensive.

The Company’s products have won a number of International awards for their efficiency

and durability which sets them apart and ahead of all other products in the market.

HANANIA Energy strategy has always been the building of its reputation for product quality

and service.

The engineers, manufacturing personnel and commercial engineer designers are highly

qualified individuals dedicated to providing the best, most advanced, solar

products possible. Most of our staff has been with the company since its inception.